Plans for My Daughter’s Room

Both of my kids have requested a room makeover.  OK, maybe it was me who first suggested it, but now they’re really excited about it.  To the point that they keep asking us when we’re going to get around to starting.

For my daughter’s room, the plan is to put a daybed with a trundle under the window, and then install built-in drawers and bookcases on either side of the bed/window.  Kind of like this…

daybed with built-in shelves under window

Source: Fiorella Designs

Now here’s the crazy part…we plan to make all of this ourselves.  Yikes!

Why would you do this to yourselves, you ask?  Well, there’s a few reasons.  The first is cost.  I have a slight tendency to fall in love with the most expensive furniture available, and we frankly cannot afford to spend so much money renovating our kids rooms.

The second reason is that my daughter has an extra long twin bed.  My kids are gonna be tall, thanks to my 6’6″ tall husband, and we invested in XL twin beds early on. I’m finding it difficult to find an extra long twin daybed with a trundle that also has the look I’m after.

So, what does Melissa do when she can’t find something she likes in her price range? She designs and makes it herself!  Thankfully, I have a very understanding husband…

So, here is a sketch of my plans.


We hit the lumberyard this past Friday, and are planning to start installing the side drawer units this weekend.  Stay tuned to see our progress!

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