Mudroom Progress – Plank Wall

We made some good progress in our laundry/mudroom this weekend. We installed horizontal wall planks in the mudroom closet area, which I was super excited to do. I am in love with the look of a white plank wall, especially in a laundry or mudroom. But it was also a practical solution for us.  After the furnace and water heater were removed from the closet, we were left with new drywall on the back wall and ceiling, and then the wall on the right had just open framing (no drywall).  Since we didn’t want to tackle drywalling or texturing, we went with the easy plank wall.  We followed a couple of great tutorials on installing plank walls from the House of Smiths  and Wood Grain Cottage.

We bought some 1/4 inch utility plywood panels from Lowe’s.  We had to buy 4 sheets (about $15 each) to cover the entire closet area (including the ceiling). We cut the plywood sheet into 6″ strips, and then cut the lengths to size.  We started at the ceiling, making sure the first board was level.  Then used nickels as spacers between the planks. Here is a picture of the planks installed in the closet.

plank wall


We filled the nail holes, and were able to put on a coat of primer before the end of the weekend. Now we can get a glimpse of what the end result will look like.  I love it!

primed plank wall


We’ll finish painting it this week, grout the vinyl floor tiles, and then start installing the mudroom bench next.  Plank wall, around $75. Having a place in the very near future for the kids to put their shoes and backpacks, priceless!

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