8 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Pinterest

June 18th is coming up…the day we get to show Dads everywhere a little extra love. My Dad passed away a couple of years ago, so Father’s Day often makes me a little sad, but I’ve got a great hubby who deserves some reminding of how special he is to us. But, what do you give the guy who never seems to want anything and doesn’t have a wish list? It’s always a tough one for me to come up with ideas. So, I turned to my faithful friend Pinterest for some inspiration, and here are 8 great Father’s Day ideas that I found.

Candy Jars

Trust me, people love having candy at the office – to share with others or to keep stashed away for themselves. These Father’s Day candy jars are sure to be a hit, and are straightforward to make. Just fill with his favorite candy, and borrow a clever saying from the internet.

father's day candy jar

DIY BBQ Tool Holder

Grab a piece of precut plywood, or nail a couple of 1×4 boards to two 1×2 strips.  A little paint or stain, and some cabinet door knobs (or hooks), and you are good to go! This would be sure to add some great style and fun to your back patio decor!

diy bbq tool holder

bbq tool holder sign

Source: Etsy

DIY Photo Shoot

Whether you have one kid or a dozen, you can create a really fun DIY photo shoot for Father’s Day that he is sure to love! Have the kids create letters with their bodies!  Or, buy large wood letters from Michael’s and take photos of your child(ren) holding the letters.  Place them in a triple photo frame, and you have a sweet and unique gift for Dad…or Pop…or Grandpa (with a few more letters and a larger frame!). Or, have your kids use the bottom of their feet or hands as a canvas and write a sweet sentiment for Dad that you can photograph. So many ways to go with this idea!

father's day photo

Source: PicMonkey

dad photo shoot

Source: PicMonkey

father's day picture of kids

Source: PicMonkey

Father/Son T-Shirt

I just love these shirts!  I suppose this could be a DIY project, or you can visit one of the many vendors on Easy that sell shirts like these.  Just do a search for father son t-shirts, and you’ll find a ton of options.

father's day t-shirts

DIY Beer Coasters

Sadie Seasongoods has a great tutorial for making these amazing bottle cap coasters!

bottle cap beer coasters

Or, you can create another style of beer coaster using cardboard beer carriers and square tiles.  Perfect for the man cave!

Funny Photo Bookmarks

For the Dad or Grandfather who loves to read, these bookmarks had me cracking up! Take a silly picture of your kid looking like they are hanging from a rope over their head, then cut out the picture and glue it to a tassel. Easy to make, and even funnier to use!

funny photo bookmarks

Handprint Craft

What parent or grandparent doesn’t love a cute little handprint craft from their little one?  This free printable makes the gift giving easy! There’s also one for Grandpa here.

father's day grill printable

Spatula Gift Basket

OK, so DIY isn’t for everyone, right?. If you run out of time or motivation, here’s an easy solution. Find a nice spatula, and add this cute tag to it.  Want to give a little more?  Add a great bottle of marinade or jot down a marinade recipe, add a nice meat rub or seasoning, and place them all together in a gift basket.  Easy!

father's day spatula gift

Hope this helps you think of a few ideas for the Father in your life who is difficult to shop for! And, if you have any other ideas, please share them!

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