Goodbye Furnace & Water Heater – Hello Mudroom Closet

Starting Monday I’m happy to announce that we will be getting a whole new HVAC and water heater system installed in our house!  They will be putting a new furnace and tankless water heater in our attic. Why am I so excited about it?  Well, the 60-year-old furnace and the 30-year-old water heater currently reside in our laundry room area, and they are taking up valuable space…and making some rather strange noises.

The whole laundry room/powder room/mudroom area needs an overhaul, and I have have some big plans to fix things, which you can read about here.  Removing these two big space hogs is the first step toward making those plans a reality.  And in addition to getting more space, this upgrade will improve our home’s energy efficiency by about 40%!  Not too shabby.

Unfortunately, we don’t have sufficient funding to make my new laundry room / mudroom dreams a reality yet, but I had an idea for a temporary solution that I think will really make a big difference in our every day lives – a mudroom closet!

Here’s the closet area with the furnace and water heater currently inside.

utility closet, mudroom closet

I found lots of great pictures of mudrooms that were built into closets just like ours, and I can’t wait to get started.  Maybe these pictures will inspire you, too, by seeing the great possibilities of what a closet in your house could become.

Closet Mudroom


Closet Mudroom - The36thAvenue

Source: The 36th Avenue

Closet Mudroom - House*Tweaking

Source: House*Tweaking

mudroom closet

Source: Life Treasured

closet mudroom

Source: Coordinately Yours

mudroom closet

Source: House of Smiths

closet mudroom

Source: Real Simple

If you’ve done this in your house, please leave a comment and share your experience.  And if you have any pictures to share, I’d love to see them!

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