What’s Your Design Style?

What’s your design style?  Well, now you can find out!  HomeGoods (LOVE that place!) has a style quiz that you can take that is supposed to tell you what your style personality preference is, and gives tips for how you can incorporate it into your home.  To find your style, you are asked to select 5 pictures that you like.  Not so scientific of a quiz, if you ask me, but fun nonetheless. Check it out at HomeGoods Stylescope Quiz.

Apparently, I am Modern Metro with a touch of either New Country or Classic, depending on what the fifth picture is that I choose (I had trouble finding just five pictures that I liked). According to HomeGoods, Modern Metro “adopts this cool, sleek minimalism to their loft-like look. The one right piece at the right price trumps a large assembly of objects. Instead, they enjoy a perfectly edited collection in a more masculine palette of cool greys and deep blacks with the occasional pop of color.”  Hmmm.  I guess that could describe me, but I never really have loved modern furniture and decor, so I guess I don’t associate myself with a modern style. Oh, well…just a little something to do while you’re waiting for your kids to be done with soccer practice.

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