Halloween Entry Makeover

Have I mentioned that I love Halloween?  Yes, I know, only about a million times.  Our house gets a complete makeover for Halloween.  The first place I love to decorate is our front entry.  It sets the mood for the entire rest of the house, and let’s people know we are serious about Halloween around here. 🙂 Here is a picture of our entry table as it looks for 11 months out of the year.

halloween entry table decor

To create our Halloween entry, I put away all of the candlesticks and flowers, and replaced them with skulls, snakes, bugs, cobwebs, and spell books.  I used the same books that we normally have on the entry table, and covered them with brown paper lunch bags. Afterward, I just label them ‘Potions’ or ‘Charms,’ or ‘Spells.’

The cobwebs are made from cheesecloth, which you can buy at a fabric store.  All you have to do is start stretching and pulling on the cheesecloth to create the look of a cobweb.  It’s so easy, inexpensive, and looks fantastic! Plus, you can reuse them from year to year!

The old-fashioned looking photo of the babies is one of those awesome changing portraits that looks harmless from one vantage point, and shows evil zombie babies from another. I think I got that one from Michael’s.

I also love to use apothecary jars and fill them with fake scorpions, spiders, and skulls to add a spooky effect.  Put all of that together, and you end up with a great Halloween entry table.  Here is ours:

halloween entry table decor


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