DIY Work Bench

Guess what? We made a work bench for the garage!  We needed a good, solid work space out there, and we wanted to be able to move it around for various projects.  Store-bought work benches were just too expensive for us, so we (of course) made a DIY work bench.

We followed these plans, and tailored them so that we could add castors to the bottom of our table, and also make it a little wider.  Here is our cut list:

  • 2×4 cut to 60″ (x2) – for table top long side
  • 2×4 cut to 57″ (x2) – for bottom shelf long side
  • 2×4 cut to 24″ (x7) – for sides of top table, sides of bottom shelf, and table top frame cross members
  • 2×4 cut to 30″ (x4) – legs
  • 2×4 cut to 17.5″ (x4) – upper leg doubler
  • 2×4 cut to 5.5″ – lower leg doubler
  • 1/2″ plywood cut to 27″ x 50″ – bottom shelf
  • 3/4″ plywood cut to 30″ x 60″ – table top

We had Lowe’s do all of our plywood cuts for us (since we still don’t have a table saw).  Then we followed the building instructions of the plans, and within just a couple of hours we had an assembled table.  Seriously!  It’s a really easy plan, and the cuts are really simple, too. If you are adding castors, like we did, you’ll want to do this after you finish building the legs (while the table is still upside down).  We did it at the end because we were still waiting for Amazon to deliver our castors, which just meant we had to flip the table over carefully after we had already built it.  No biggie, but better to do it before the flip.

Oh, these are the castors we bought on Amazon.  The four of them together hold 600 pounds (more than enough), and they have locking brakes.  They roll super smooth, and lock the table solidly into place when needed.  Highly recommend!

Here are some pictures showing how we built the DIY work bench

You start by building the table upside down.  In this picture you can see the table top frame on the ground, and we have added the 30″ legs, and the 17.5″ upper leg doublers. Using clamps when adding the leg doublers really helps!

Easy DIY work bench

Easy DIy work bench

Once you have the legs done, install the castors, and then flip the table over. Now it’s time to add the plywood bottom shelf and table top.

DIY work bench

And finally you have the finished work bench!  Yippee! Now, of course the picture below is before we added the castors.  We had to flip that heavy mother over, and then back again.  Not recommended – hopefully you will learn from our mistakes. The final table measured 30″ wide by 60″ long, by 33″ high.

DIY work bench

I love my our new work bench so much!  I’ve already been using it for a little project that I’ll be sharing in a couple of days.  If you need a work bench for your garage, give this one a try.  It’s super easy, and should last for years to come!

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