Dining Room Progress

We’ve made some really good progress in our dining room over the past several weeks.  The dining room has been a work-in-progress in our house for months years – wow, that’s a little embarrassing.  Here’s what it looked like before we got started (sorry about the poor picture quality).dining room makeover

We installed the built-in cabinets and wainscoting way back in October 2013 (you can read about that here).  We then hit a snag with the crown moulding.  We had existing crown in the dining room, but it didn’t work with the crown we bought with the cabinets.  So, after brainstorming a lot of different ideas, we finally decided to create our own “custom” crown moulding.

First, we took down the original crown moulding.

custom crown moulding for dining room

Then, we put up some pieces of wood at the top of the cabinets to serve as blocking to attach the new moulding to. Because of the way the cabinets were built, there were only a few little spaces where we could put the blocking, which ended up working out fine, but we would have preferred to use longer strips for better stability.

diy crown molding custom

Next, we attached 1×3 trim to the tops of the cabinets, and 1×4 boards at the top of the wall, where it meets the ceiling.  And that’s where we left it…for six long months. I’ve got Fourth of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving pictures that show that lovely little 1×4 strip at the top of the wall.

custom crown molding in dining room

When we finally turned our attention back to the dining room, we finished up where we left off, by adding a 1×2 strip to the ceiling (perpendicular to the 1×4 board that we had just installed).  And then, we installed a cove molding in between the two boards.  This was a really easy way to emulate the look of crown moulding, without some of the installation hassle. After a liberal application of wood filler, and some sanding, it was ready for paint!

DIY crown molding custom dining room

However, it ended up being another 3 months before I finally got around to painting it all. You know how it is, right?  Some projects get done quickly in a house, and others seem to linger on and on. In this next picture, you can see that we also started to paint the walls once the crown was painted.  We chose Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray, It picks up the silver hardware on the cabinets, and the gray in the countertop perfectly!  It’s a really beautiful, soothing color. A nice change from the straw colored walls we had before.

sherwin williams mindful gray

And here is the dining room after all the painting was finished. Hooray!

sherwin williams mindful gray dining room

So,  I called this post “Dining Room Progress,” because the room is not quite done.  The next thing I’d like to do is replace the dining chairs. I created custom covers for the chairs a while back, and while I like the look, it was always meant to be a temporary solution. I’d also like to replace the light fixture. And, I’ve been going back and forth about adding a rug under the table.  What do you think?…I could really use some advice here. And then someday, we might replace the dining table, too.  I’d like to have a little more casual looking farmhouse-style table in there. Someday…

I love to read your comments, so feel free to share your thoughts and experiences!

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