Baby Bunnies & Closets

Well, that’s possibly the strangest post title I’ve ever seen!

My big project for this month is to start renovating my laundry room, but as of today I’m afraid I’ve accomplished very little worth posting about.  I also got distracted by some other projects – it happens.  I walked by my son’s closet the other day, and saw it with new fresh eyes. Pile of stuff in the corner, overstuffed drawers, clothes thrown on the shelves, and so much available wasted space! Now, most of that has to do with the fact that he is a 13 year old boy, but I thought it was time to get that boy organized!

Here are the before pictures of his closet (I had already cleaned much of it up by this point).

elfa closet makeover before

elfa closet makeover before

We used the elfa system from The Container Store, which is a system we’ve used many times before. I love the look and flexibility of it, and it’s super easy to install. I was able to demo the old closet shelves, patch and paint the walls, and install the new elfa system in one day.

Here are the after pics – I call it “organizational eye candy.” My daughter’s closet is next!

elfa closet makeover after

elfa closet makeover after

So, what about the baby bunnies? Well, I was getting my garden beds ready for planting this week, and we came across a baby bunny nest in one of our gardening beds!  We have a lot of wild rabbits around here, and frankly they are starting to get annoying because they constantly poop in piles all over our grass, but who can resist the cuteness of baby bunnies!!

Here’s a little video, too…so cute!


So, I’m leaving them be, and won’t be doing any planting in that garden bed this year.  Oh well, a smaller vegetable garden is a small price to pay for the cuteness of the bunnies!  We love watching them from our office window…hey, maybe we need to install a bunny cam!  No, that would just be another distraction from renovating the laundry room.


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