August 2017 Project Plans

How did August get here so quickly! My kids start school in less than 2 weeks, and I can already feel myself gearing up for the busy Fall season. My lazy summer days are numbered – sigh! The start of the new month also means that it’s time to lay out our August project plans!

#1 – Laundry Room

Ah, the laundry room… this is the month it will finally be completed! We are really, really close! The cabinets and floating shelves have been installed, we hung some cute vintage laundry artwork, and the entire room has been painted a fresh coat of white paint.

diy floating shelves laundry roomfarmhouse diy laundry artwork

We are planning to tile the backsplash in the next several days, and our butcher block countertop should be ready for pickup any day now. The only other things left to do are minor – installing the cabinet knobs, installing the cabinet crown moulding, and refreshing our DIY drying rack (repainting and framing it). So, I’d say we are on track for a mid-August reveal!

#2 – Barn Doors

Back in July, I talked about the two barn doors we plan to install to replace the doors to my kids’ closets. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of progress there over the past month. The door for my daughter’s room has already been ordered, and should arrive soon. Once it comes, we will paint a chalkboard in the center, and paint the edges a bright pink/coral. For my son’s barn door, we’ve decided to make it ourselves. It will be a reclaimed wood door, and will look similar to the one in the picture below. We are planning to use leftover reclaimed wood from our next big project…

 reclaimed wood barn door

#3 – Reclaimed Wood / Barn Wood Walls

When we ordered our laundry butcher block countertop, we also ordered a boatload of reclaimed/barn wood. The local company we ordered from, Eden Oaks Designer Woodware, makes the most beautiful barnwood I’ve ever seen! The color variation is lovely, but it is also super smooth – no splinters!

reclaimed wood accent stair wall

Source: Eden Oaks Woodware

reclaimed wood wall

Source: Eden Oaks Woodware

We have three places that we are going to be installing our reclaimed wood: 1) around the countertop of our basement wet bar, 2) as an accent wall in my son’s room, and 3) as an accent wall behind the entertainment unit in our basement. Reclaimed wood everywhere!! Here’s a pic of our wet bar – isn’t it just asking for some wood around that bar?

basement wet bar

Well, those are our project plans for August! Should be an exciting month!

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