April Inspiration Gallery – Laundry Rooms

I just love Fridays!  Not only has the weekend arrived, but every Friday afternoon I take my daughter to gymnastics class, and I have uninterrupted time to blog about my favorite subject.  These precious moments of “me” time are so hard to come by these days.  Today I have laundry rooms on my mind.  It’s a room in the house that is so often overlooked as far as decorating is concerned. Because we’re getting ready to completely gut our laundry room and start from scratch, I’ve been searching for some decorating inspiration.  I thought it would be fun to create a gallery of inspirational photos for a single room in the house every month.  And for the month of April, it’s gonna be laundry rooms! Here are some great laundry room ideas:

I love all of the open storage in this one, although I’m sure in my house it would eventually end up looking like a jumbled mess.

open storage laundry room

Source: Affordable Closets

This next one has been a long-time favorite of mine.  I love the blue painted cabinets (I think they are painted Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue, if I recall correctly).  And the bright yellow rug makes this such a cheery little space!

laundry room with blue cabinets

Source: Lindy Allen (Four Chairs Furniture)

Here’s another with blue-ish cabinets – love it! Great mix of open storage and cabinets…and the backsplash ties it all together so nicely.

blue cabinets in laundry room

Source:Two Thirty-Five Designs

This one is nice with the dark wood paneling and gray washer/dryer.

laundry room with dark wood paneling

Source: Amanda Webster Design

This room is not just for laundry!  I love the way this room was designed to be a multipurpose work room.

workroom laundry room

Source: BHG

I love how simple and clean this all-white laundry room looks.

clean simple laundry room


I thought this one was a kitchen at first!  This is not my style, but I can’t believe how huge it is!  I’d be happy to have just half this amount of space for my laundry room.  Wow!

large laundry room


Lots of cute laundry decor in this room, and I love the great big sink.

old fashioned laundry room


This is a great look with the white wood paneling, and the elevated washer/dryer.  I absolutely adore that light fixture for a laundry room, too!!

paneled laundry room

Source: Wood Grain Cottage

Red is one of my favorite colors, so this one definitely caught my eye.  This is a great use of a small space!

red washer dryer laundry room

Source: www.onekindesign.com

Gray cabinets are nice in a laundry room, too.

gray cabinets laundry room

Source: BHG

Another fantastic multipurpose laundry room.

multipurpose laundry room


I like the painted wall stripes in this one, and I’ve got to get me some of those enormous safety pins!

laundry room with wall stripes

Source: Sophia’s Decor

This sign cracked me up.  This is totally how it is in our house!

laundry schedule sign, laundry wall art

Source: Charity Pancake

And this one is not only cute but practical, too.  I’m always pulling loose change out of my husband’s pockets!

keep the change laundry decor

Source: Etsy shoponelove

Hope you enjoyed this month’s laundry room gallery! Next month…master bedrooms.

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