The Daybed is Made

We made some great progress in my daughter’s room this past weekend.  We assembled the daybed and trundle, and it all came together like magic!  This was the first time I have ever designed a piece of furniture, so there was a moment of “please say I got the measurements right” as we put it together.  But, my husband did a great job cutting and piecing everything together based on my sketches and instructions, and it was a thrill for both of us to see it come together and look just like the plans.  I think I could get a little hooked on this furniture making thing…

Here is a picture of the assembled bed frame. Being extra cautious, we decided to add some additional reinforcement using 2x4s under the front piece and some metal brackets on the backside.  We’ll paint the 2×4 pieces white in the end, so they’ll blend right in.

DIY daybed with trundle

And here is a picture of the bed “made” (kind of)…



We then turned our attention to assembling the trundle.  First, we attached 2″ caster wheels to one side of our large 39″x75″ plywood piece. Next, we attached all of the side pieces to the plywood, using screws and some finish nails, to create the trundle box.

DIY trundle bed


Here is a picture of the assembled trundle flipped right-side up.



In the next picture, you can see the trundle under the bed.  It fits nicely…phew!


DIY daybed with trundle

One of the most exciting parts of the day was unwrapping the new mattress for the trundle (which came rolled up in a box). I’ve never seen a mattress rolled up like that, so this was an adventure.  Once the packaging was removed, it sprung to life, hissing and inflating itself like magic.  I couldn’t believe the nice firm mattress we ended up with that was once stuffed into such a small box.



Now, of course, there is still much to do.  We will be attaching a decorative panel with handles onto the front of the trundle. We also have some touch-up painting to do, some trim to install at the top of the bed, and we have to come up with a way to fill the gap between the drawers and the bed. Then we’ll be able to start building the bookshelves.  Even though there is still plenty to be done, I can see the vision starting to realize itself, and I have to say, we’re having a lot of fun making it happen.

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