Pantry Organization

We have been working on some beautiful framed mirrors in our master bathroom, but we encountered a bit of a delay when one of the mirrors we purchased became chipped, and we had to order another one.  I will admit that a small amount of marital strife ensued when one of us put the mirror down a little too hard on the driveway, and we heard a sound you never want to hear a mirror make.  So, the mirror reveal will have to wait until next week.  Oh well!

Instead, I spent the weekend organizing my pantry, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  I found a simple pantry organization system that I think will work really well for me and my family.  

pantry organization ideas using baskets

pantry organization ideas

pantry organization ideas using baskets

I did a google search for “pantry organization” and found so many great ideas!  I wanted to do something very simple, that would work for me and my family (and that my kids could maintain).  I saw this incredible pantry from Shanty 2 Chic, and absolutely loved it, but I felt like it would end up being extra work for me in the long run to maintain it. I just couldn’t see myself emptying all of our boxes of cereals and crackers and things into the containers, having to wash the containers each time I changed the food, and then having to change the labels each time.  Too much for me…I know my limits.

pantry organization ideas

Source: Shanty 2 Chic

For my simple pantry organization scheme, I bought 12 of the Sterilite Large Ultra Baskets They come in packs of 6, so I just had to buy two packs.  They are about 16″ deep, 13″ wide and 6″ high. These are great, inexpensive baskets that can be used for a thousand different things in your home.  I use them throughout our house (mostly in our closets), because they come in a variety of sizes and they hold up really well.

pantry organization

I took a close look at all of the items in our pantry, and started grouping them into categories.  We ended up with baskets for snacks, chips, crackers, dessert, water bottles, rice & pasta, bread, smoothie supplies, and baking supplies.  Your categories could be very different, of course, depending on the type of food and other items you keep in your pantry.

For the labels, I bought a package of 20 chalkboard labels and a white chalk pen from Michael’s.  I punched two holes in the labels, wrote the category on the label, and then attached the label to the basket using some jute string.

chalkboard labels

chalkbaord labels on baskets for pantry oraanization

My pantry organization approach got a thumbs up from the husband and kids.  They all agreed it should be easy to maintain, which is the whole point, right? I just love opening up that door and seeing such an organized space for a change!

What about you?  Do you have some pantry organization ideas to share that have worked well for you?

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