Mudroom Makeover – Part I

One of my big projects for 2017 is a mudroom makeover!

In our previous home, we created a mudroom out of a utility closet, and it worked great for our family.  Here are the before and after pictures from that project.

utility closet, mudroom before

Before: This closet used to house our water heater and furnace.

mudroom subfloor

Before: Once we removed the water heater and furnace, we were left with an empty closet.


mudroom closet

After: After a little sweat equity, we had a beautiful and functional mudroom.

The mudroom worked out so well that in our new home, we were eager to have another one.  Luckily, in the model home we selected to build, there was a mudroom option, and we jumped at it.  The pictures they showed us of the mudroom looked similar to our previous mudroom – a bench with open cubbies underneath.  What we ended up with was a little different…nice, but different, and totally not functional for our family.

mudroom makeover with hinged bench

mudroom hinged bench

mudroom makeover bench with hinges

You see, the problem is that we are way too lazy to open up a bench and put shoes inside it.  So, the shoes just end up on the floor in front of the bench.  Plus, the bench is too deep (about 2 feet), and takes up way too much space.  And finally, there is no storage for other things like gloves, hats, etc.  It’s just not working for us.

Mudrooms are great, but they have to be functional first and foremost.  So, at the beginning of the year, I ripped it out!  It broke my heart a little bit to demo something that was so new, but it just had to be done.

mudroom design

The plan is to make a smaller bench with cubbies underneath, and then add some vertical cubbies on the right side for all of our other stuff.  We’ll also add a shelf above the hooks, and maybe later on some cabinets.  Something similar to this…

mudroom cubbies with bench


We made some progress last weekend, and installed the new bench and baseboards.  We have some work to go with the cubbies, and then lots and lots of painting.

mudroom makeover design plans

It’s already working so much better for our family!  I’ll keep you posted as we make more progress on our mudroom makeover.

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