Moving Out of State

I mentioned a while back that we had decided to move, but I didn’t say where. What a tease!

Well, we have decided to move to Colorado! 


view of pike's peak colorado

Moving out of state is a huge decision.  So, why Colorado?  Well, first and foremost is the much more reasonable cost of living.  Secondly, my husband and I went to college there and loved it.  Granted, we were a lot younger then with few responsibilities, no house, and no kids… ah, the carefree days of our twenties. And, third, we have some wonderful friends living there, which will help ease the transition for all of us.

And the most exciting part is that we are building a house!!!  Even though I was able to choose all of the flooring, paint, and fixtures, there will still be projects that I’m excited to do to “personalize” the house. So, DIY is still very much in our future!


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