Laundry Room Design Plans

There is one room in our house that has always bothered me – the laundry room.  Not just because there seems to be a curse on it that causes the laundry piles to grow, rather than recede, but the room layout is terribly dysfunctional.  So, I’ve created a laundry room design plan that will fix all the problems I have with the space.Here is my list of complaints:

  1. the washer and dryer are on opposite sides of a hallway (although we’ve become rather good at throwing wet clothes from the washing machine into the dryer hole from 5 feet away)
  2. the room has no storage for shoes, backpacks, etc, so stuff gets thrown into the family room instead. It’s always a mess. We added a storage cabinet to hide the laundry basket, but it doesn’t have room for anything else.
  3. there is a half bath in the space, but it’s bigger than it needs to be, and you have to walk through the laundry area to get to it, which is always a mess
  4. the furnace and water heater are also in here tucked away in a utility closet with broken bifold doors.  They are taking up valuable space, and the furnace sounds like a 747 taking off whenever it starts up.

But, never fear, I’ve got just the solution to fix it all.  Here are the before and after floor plans.  Just roll your mouse over the picture to switch between them.

laundry room floor plan, creating a mudroom


mudroom floorplan, laundry floorplan

New Laundry/Mudroom Floorplan


The new plan includes some built-in lockers to the left of the laundry room door to give us some much needed storage. Here is a picture of what I’m thinking about, although I probably won’t go with the leaf motif…

mudroom lockers


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