Laundry Progress & June Plans

Good Morning everyone!  I cannot believe it’s June already. Yesterday, the kids and I are flew to California to visit fiends and family, and I have to say I feel a little mixed about it.  I’m super excited to see our friends, and can’t wait to eat at my favorite sushi and Chinese restaurants, but I’m not sure how it will feel being back.  It’s been just about a year since we left, and this is our first time vacationing where we used to call “home.” I love our life in Colorado, but what if I feel sad about moving once we’ve been back in California?  How are we going to feel about driving by our old house?  Lots of emotions in the days to come…

So, let’s change the subject, shall we?  Back in the beginning of May, I stated confidently that I would be working on our laundry room makeover.  Hmmmm.  I can “confidently” say that there has been zero visible progress in that room.  So, what happened?  Well, I could come up with lots of excuses, and I do have many legitimate ones, but the fact is that I got distracted by lots of other projects.

As a reminder, here is what my laundry room looks like today.

laundry room makeover before

And this is the look I’m going for…

laundry room inspiration picture


I was able to accomplish one thing, however…I ordered the cabinets! I’m going with a simple shaker style cabinet in an Onyx stain.  So the cabinets will look black, but you’ll still see the wood grain in them.  Very pretty…they should be in the store by mid-June, and we will install them ourselves.

So, besides doing a few additional projects for friends, and painting some furniture, my plan for June is to focus on starting and finishing my laundry room.  Here is the list of things I need to do (in order):

  • Order butcher block countertop
  • Demo existing shelving
  • Install shiplap
  • Paint the room
  • Install the cabinets
  • Install countertop
  • Tile and grout backsplash
  • Build and install floating shelves
  • Decorate!

Boy do I have a lot to do this month!  It always looks much worse when I write it down on paper. Sigh.

Maybe you can help me out…I’m trying to decide on the tile for the backsplash (we are not changing our floor).  I’ve narrowed it down to these options:

Option #1

black and white patterned tile

Option #2

Option #3

What’s your favorite?  I think I’m leaning toward one of them, but I’d love to hear your opinion.

Wish me luck this month!  I’m gonna need it.

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  1. Vicki Bucy June 5, 2017 at 9:15 pm

    Option 1 for me. I like the extra white space over #3. #2 is too “modern” in my opinion.

    • mwelsh June 6, 2017 at 11:44 pm

      Thanks for your input! I love Option 1, too.

  2. Nicole September 7, 2017 at 10:56 am

    Where did you order your cabinets?

    • mwelsh September 7, 2017 at 10:33 pm

      Hi Nicole! I ordered the cabinets from Lowe’s. They are Schuler cabinets, in their Maple Onyx finish.

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