Lace Pumpkins

Several years ago I made some black lace pumpkins for Halloween. Our guests always seem to notice them and ask me about them. They are literally the easiest Halloween decoration I’ve ever made, so I will share with you how to make them.

easy halloween lace pumpkins


All you need are some black lace tights, scissors, and a pumpkin (real or fake will work).  I bought my lace tights on clearance at Target – a three pack for about 55. Now for the pumpkin…

I bought two white craft pumpkins from Michaels, so that I could reuse them every year.  But, you can use real pumpkins, too, and make them nice and lacey for Halloween.

Just don’t go too big on the pumpkin!  Because the next step is to wrestle your pumpkin into the lace tights. I found it easiest to cut the tights about halfway down the leg before trying to get the pumpkin into the tights.

Once your pumpkin has made it down to the foot of the tights, pull the tights up around the pumpkin and gather the tights up at the top of the stem.  Now, to finish it off…I like to keep it simple, so I just tie the tights in a knot at the top of the pumpkin, and cut off the excess.  You can also sew the tights in around the stem (also cute, but more time consuming)

Super easy!

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