Hallway Wainscoting

What a difference a little wainscoting makes!  Our hallway was looking just a tad boring,and I felt it was asking for a little pizzazz.  I absolutely love hallway wainscoting, so, we went to work over the Christmas vacation. Now, every time I walk down the hallway I smile. 🙂

hallway wainscoting, board and batten,

Here is the before picture.

hallway before wainscoting

We used the same board and batten style wainscoting design as we did in our dining room.  This time, however, we  also had 9 doors to contend with (we’ve been slowly updating the door trim throughout the house).  We also learned from our previous mistake, and used a 1/4 mdf sheet to cover the bottom half of the wall.  That way I didn’t have to spend time skim-coating the walls to remove the texture before painting – a very time consuming process.

The paint we used is Benjamin Moore Advance in White Dove – a great white color for trim. The Advance paint has excellent leveling properties, and dries very hard.  The only downside is that it takes a really long time to dry – recoat time is 16 hours.  I had to guard the hallway like a hawk in between coats to make sure my kids and our dog didn’t touch the walls, earning me the nickname, “the paint nazi.” Oh, well – that’s the burden of DIY.  You know just how much effort it will take to redo it if it gets mucked up..

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