Halloween Advent Calendar

Happy October everyone! Today marks a countdown to my favorite holiday…Halloween! And in our home, we literally count down each day using a Halloween advent calendar that I bought at Pottery Barn several years ago. Not only does it make a great wall decoration, but it has little pockets for each day that we like to fill up with little trinkets or candies for the kids.

halloween advent calendar pottery barn

So, how do we decide which kid gets the item for the day? Well, our son is born on an odd numbered day, and our daughter is born on an even numbered day. Odd and even days drive a lot of things in our house, and we use this same system for our Halloween advent calendar. My son gets the item for all of the odd numbered days, and my daughter the items for all of the even numbered days.

We fill the calendar with things like glow sticks, squishy eyeballs, candy, small toys, dollar bills, coupons for extended bedtimes, fake vomit, and small puzzles. This year I found some french fry flavored chapstick that I just had to buy, and a great little candy bar called “Zombie Food.” It sounds really gross…perfect for Halloween!



This month I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Halloween decorations that I’ve made throughout the years, so stay tuned for lots of great ideas for transforming your home into a Halloween Haven!

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