Make Your Own Family Rules Artwork

I love family rules artwork! I think it’s cute…especially when it’s personalized.  My problem is that I just haven’t been able to find  the perfect set of pre-made family rules for our family, with the perfect price to match.  So, when I recently went searching online again for family rules artwork, I came across a couple of DIY versions that inspired me to make my own.

DIY family rules artwork


I decided to make our family rules fit into an 8×10 picture frame that I already had lying around the house. You could certainly go bigger, but if you have a standard home printer like me, you’ll have to find an alternate way to print out your rules (like Costco or Shutterfly). There is also a great website that you can use to create a personalized family rules canvas or poster for a reasonable price. You can even download a picture of the rules to print on your own for only $9.  Check it out here: Signs By Andrea.

But, since I’m cheap thrifty, and I already had my 8×10 frame, I chose to make our family rules myself.  I started out by finding all of my favorite rules from different examples online, and used Microsoft Word to list them all. I used a black background and write Typewriter font, because I wanted it to look a little industrial. I plan to hang the family rules artwork in our family room, which we are slowly transforming into an industrial farmhouse style (see my previous post).  I printed the rules out on some white card stock paper, and trimmed it down to fit within the frame.

This was a really easy, inexpensive, and fast project!  The most time consuming and difficult part of it all was picking out the right family rules for our family to live by. The kids had the best reaction upon seeing the finished product, “do we have to follow all of these rules?”

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