Fabric Covered Canvas Wall Art

Well hello there world!  With work and the Holidays, there has been no time for projects, and thus no time for blogging.  But, now that I’ve got a little more time on my hands, the creative juices are flowing again.  Yesterday, I did a fun little project…fabric covered canvas wall art.  This is such a quick and easy project that anyone can do..really.  All you need is blank canvases, a staple gun, and some fun fabric of your choosing.




To create the wall art, simply wrap the fabric around the canvas and staple into place on the back side.  For the corners, wrap the fabric like you are wrapping a present, and staple the fabric on the back. Trim any excess fabric.


When your fabric covered canvas is all done, hang it on the wall and enjoy your handiwork!

easy diy fabric covered canvas art



There are so many fun options, and the fabric choices are unlimited. Check out some of these other great examples of fabric covered canvas.

easy diy fabric canvas art

Source: BHG.com


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