DIY Craft Table Ideas

We have this little nook just off of our family room that has done triple duty as a playroom/craft/homework area for many years now.  Well, now that our kids are getting older (7 and 10), the little kid play table we have in there barely fits them anymore, and the toy bins rarely see the light of day. It’s a little sad, actually, to watch your kids completely outgrow some of their ‘little kid’ stuff. Here’s a picture of the nook how it looks now (rather blah, I know).

family room play area, toy storage, play room craft table

So, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the space.  I debated making it into a cozy reading area, but in the end I decided that we still need a craft area for a few more years.  When the kids are all grown up and out of the house (sniff sniff), we could always make it into a cozy sitting area.  But, for now, long live the paint, crayons, and glue! I love the idea of the Bedford Project Table from Pottery Barn – gorgeous!! But at $1199…totally not going to happen.

pottery barn bedford craft table

Source: Pottery Barn

So, I scoured the internet for DIY knockoffs, and I found two great (inexpensive!) options that look totally do-able. Bust out the plywood and nails, honey, we’ve got a DIY craft table to make!

Option 1:

You can always count on Ana White to show you easy DIY plans. I just knew she’d have a knockoff of the PB project table for me. I think her plans end up costing around $150…not bad at all!

ana white craft table

Source: Ana White

Here’s a beautiful, and slightly different version of Ana’s craft table plans from Being Brook. I love the light aqua color – so cute.

craft table being brook

Source: BeingBrook

Option 2:

If you feel like Ana’s plans are beyond your DIY skills, check out this easy $55 alternative from Organize & Decorate Everything. This DIY craft table uses a table top from IKEA for $25 and two bookcases from Walmart that cost $15 each!  What a steal.

craft table using ikea table top

Source: Organize & Decorate Everything

Here’s another DIY craft table from Thrifty Decor Chick that uses ClosetMaid shelves you can buy at Home Depot.  Martha Stewart also makes one you can buy at Target and Walmart.  They’re around $40 each last time I looked.  Thrifty Decor Chick put a countertop she already had on top, but you could easily do a plywood top, too.

thrifty decor chick craft table

Source: Thrifty Decor Chick

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