DIY Valentine’s Day Wooden Sign

Can you believe January is almost over?  Time is just flying by this year for me.  February brings the first decorating holiday of the year…Valentine’s Day!  I realized last weekend that we don’t have any decorations for this love-ly holiday (see what I did there?), and for some reason I felt like we should have something. So, I decided to make a wooden Valentine’s Day sign

I bought a wooden 6″ x 9″ canvas from Michael’s, and painted it with some red craft paint I had on hand.  It was on sale for about $4, and I had a coupon, too, so it was really inexpensive (hooray!).

easy wood canvas valentine's day sign



I then printed out the word ‘LOVE’ in large letters onto some card stock paper, but I added a picture of a heart in the place of the ‘O.’  I used my Exacto knife to cut out the letters and make a stencil.  You could buy stencils, and skip this step, but it will cost you more money. With a nice sharp Exacto knife, making your own stencil is surprisingly easy.



I taped the stencil to the painted wood, and used a foam applicator to paint on the letters.

easy diy wooden sign

easy diy wooden sign for valentine's day


I then added some freehand borders, dots, and some hearts on the side to finish it off.  And that’s how I made my Valentine’s Day wooden sign.  Easy and inexpensive…that’s my kind of DIY decorating!

easy diy valentine's day sign


easy diy wooden sign for valentine's day

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