Color Palettes

Hi Everyone!  Sorry for the blogging hiatus, but we finally had a long overdue summer vacation.  We went to Disneyland…again. Yes, we are one of those families that like to visit “the Happiest Place on Earth” at least once a year (preferably more than that) I’m often asked to share our tips and tricks, so I’ll put together our Disneyland guide soon to share with all of you.

But for today, I’ve got another one of my favorite things to share. It is a website called Design Seeds and it is full of beautiful color palettes inspired by pictures. It’s a fantastic resource for finding coordinating colors to use in your home decorating. You can search by color, or by theme. Put in a gray wall color, for example, and the search will return hundreds of great color combinations that include the gray color you selected.  Check it out and get inspired by the endless color palettes and beautiful photos you will see. Here are just a few examples from the Design Seeds site.

autumn color palette

Source: Design Seeds

beach color palette

Source: Design Seeds

soothing color palette

Source: Design Seeds

bright home color palette

Source: Design Seeds

Aren’t they fun?  What about you…do you have a website that you use for color palette inspiration?

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