Creating a Cozy Master Bedroom Reading Nook

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There is this blank space in our master bedroom that I have always intended to make into a cozy reading nook. I confess, some of my home decor “intentions” seem to take a very long time to become reality. Does it amaze anyone else how quickly time can pass by?  I mean, it’s been a year since we’ve been living in this house and I’m just now getting around to decorating this [...]

May Inspiration Gallery – Master Bedrooms

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I’ve found that being a full time working mom leaves about 5 minutes a day for home improvement projects, which means that I have lots of great ideas for our house, and hardly any time to execute them. Big dramatic sigh… So, while my projects are in various states of completion, I need to live vicariously through others.  This month I’ve been collecting inspiration for our master bedroom makeover, which is long [...]

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Virtual Room Makeover – Master Bedroom

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Our master bedroom desperately needs an overhaul.  It’s just not a room that you want to spend much time in, but we’re going to fix that…someday. I love creating virtual room makeovers using Photoshop.  It’s such a great way to visualize a room the way you want it to look in the end, but then you can slowly buy the pieces over time when your budget allows.  Here is my [...]