Framed Plank Ceiling

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I'm BACK! When I said in my last post that school was kicking my butt (way back in October), I wasn't joking. My full time class load ended up taking about 40 hours a week of my time, and it became a habit every Sunday night (close to midnight) to thank my hubby for giving me the entire day (and sometimes the entire weekend) to get my homework done. But [...]

We Installed a Faux Wood Beam in the Kitchen!

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Drumroll, please...Today we installed a faux wood beam in our kitchen!  Yiiiipeeee! Isn't it pretty? I just love the character that an old looking beam adds to a home, and I had the perfect spot picked out in our home...right between our kitchen and our dining area. It would give the rooms just a tiny bit of separation, while adding some farmhouse charm to both spaces. We bought a 14 ft. [...]

Tour of Our Home – Day 1

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Hello!  We have a project in work in our bathroom this week, but it isn’t quite ready to share yet.  So, today I thought I’d give a little tour of our new home.  I’ll show the remaining rooms over several future posts (so I have a chance to straighten them up as I go).  I kept wanting to wait until the rooms were “done” to show them to you all, but [...]

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Dining Room Progress

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We’ve made some really good progress in our dining room over the past several weeks.  The dining room has been a work-in-progress in our house for months years – wow, that’s a little embarrassing.  Here’s what it looked like before we got started (sorry about the poor picture quality). We installed the built-in cabinets and wainscoting way back in October 2013 (you can read about that here).  We then hit a snag with the crown [...]

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Dining Chair Slipcovers

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Do you ever have one of those moments where you take a look at one of your rooms or pieces of furniture, and feel like you are seeing it for the first time with an entirely new perspective?  We have some perfectly good Ethan Allen dining room chairs that we bought about 15 years ago, and the other day I took a look at them and thought, “I don’t really like [...]

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Dining Room Built-In Buffet

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Hooray…the dining room is just about done! We finished installing the built-in buffet cabinets and countertop – boy, did that require some creativity. Just need to add some crown moulding to the top, and voila…a new, beautiful room that I actually look forward to eating and entertaining in. […]

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