5 Easy and Inexpensive Decorating Ideas

Here are some really easy, and very inexpensive decorating ideas that can add a little style to your home.

1. Stack of Books

Stack 2-3 books on top of each other to add a little character to your coffee or console table.  You can take the book jackets off of your hardcover books, or if you happen to have a few old books sitting around, all the better.  Garage sales are a also great place to buy cheap, old looking books for decorating.

StackofBooks2 easy inexpensive decorating using a stack of books


2. Showcase Flowers or Branches from Your Yard

When the leaves finally come back to your trees this spring, cut a few branches and put them into a tall vase for an easy, beautiful centerpiece. Dried hydrangeas are also really lovely.  You can also buy faux branches or flowers from places like Pottery Barn or HomeGoods.

Hydrangeas PB Branches(Photo Courtesy of Pottery Barn)

3. Add Some Jute

I love wrapping jute string or jute rope around candles or glass hurricanes to add a little texture and interest. This way you can buy really inexpensive candles, or a cheap vase or glass hurricane and add some great natural texture to it.



4. Painted Wooden Letters

Lots of home decorating companies have beautiful metal or wooden letters for sale, but it is really easy (and very low-cost) to buy wooden letters from a craft store and spray paint them to match your decor.

wooden letters

5. Make Your Own Art

Find an inexpensive frame or shadow box and make your own custom wall art!  In the picture below, I bought a shadow box, a piece of scrapbooking paper that looked like burlap, and a starfish from Michaels.  I attached the starfish to the burlap paper with a hot glue gun, put it into the shadow box, and then mounted the shadow box to the wall.  The entire project took about 5 minutes! You could also use dried flowers or plants, a collage of postcards from your favorite places, baby booties for a nursery, or any other special keepsake.


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